Summer Body Transformation Guide

Achieve your BEST SUMMER BODY YET with this 12-week workout guide by Allegra Paris. This guide creates a workout structure in your life that you can take with you even after the 12 weeks are over. You will complete weight training, cardio, toning, and stretching techniques all at your own speed and comfort level.

Allegra believes in a unique balance of training types to tone her body, shrink her waist, and build her booty. If this is something you're interested in, then this guide is for YOU!

In this PDF guide, you'll receive:

  • information on basic nutrition (refer to Allegra's nutrition eBooks for more detail)
  • information on how to track your progress
  • Allegra's tips & tricks
  • a breakdown of training types
  • a glossary of workout terms
  • the 12-week workout program
  • a list of stretching & yoga techniques to use during your training